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2014 Baltimore Transportation Employment Outlook

Warehouse supply and trucking jobs serving construction will increase. Construction in Baltimore is expected to rise by 8 percent in 2014 driven by increased federal government projects on military bases in Maryland. Truck drivers serving Maryland's growing television and film industry will also continue to provide a source of jobs. More than 110 trucking lines also serve the Baltimore area.Major railroad systems serve industry throughout the Baltimore area. Baltimore International Airport is a major cargo carrier for the mid-Atlantic region.

The largest mover of goods in the area is the port of Baltimore,. It is the 5th largest and busiest deep-water ports in the nation. Because it is150 miles closer to key midwestern markets than any port on the Atlantic Coast, the port of Baltimore has lower transportation costs between its marine origin terminals and inland points of cargo destination. Baltimore also has 2 access routes to its port that are from the north from the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, and through the south from the Chesapeake Bay.

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