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-The position is for a house driver on one of our vehicles. This is a full-time position.
-The ideal candidate should have experience working in a limousine company, driving both SUVs as well as sedans, for at least 1 year.
-The candidate is required to have, at a minimum, a class E driver's license with a WCTLC.
-The candidate should have experience driving professionally throughout Westchester County, Manhattan, as well as the surrounding boroughs. Further, the candidate must be knowledgeable of efficient routes to all surrounding major airports: JFK, LGA, HPN, and EWR.
-A clean DMV abstract is a must. If interviewed, this is something that should be provided to us.
-The candidate should speak fluent English, have excellent personal hygiene, and be willing to wear a professional chauffeur uniform (black suit, white dress shirt, and a black tie).
-For this position, the chauffeur is given the vehicle to keep at his/her home. Candidates must have a garage, driveway, or parking lot to safely place the car.

- Must Own Vehicle -- 2013 or newer Lincoln Sedan or Suburban SUV with WCTLC or NYTLC plates and license.
- Must Have Insurance -- 1 Million Dollar Coverage Minimum.
- Must Speak Fluent English.
- Must Have Excellent Personal Hygiene.
- Must Be in Our Uniform (Black Suit with White Shirt and Tie; must be worn at all times.)
- Must Have Recent Model iPhone or Android Smart Phone; must be comfortable using our app to accept and log trip information.
- Must Be Knowledgeable of Efficient Routes to and from All Major Airports: JFK, LGA, EWR, and HPN.

Please send resume to: 914-358-4669

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