Drivers are responsible for the collection of usable electronics equipment or recycling materials in commercial and residential areas. Drivers also pick up missed stops as needed. This position routinely requires extensive physical exertion (lifting, pushing, and pulling materials weighing up to 50 pounds each from the ground approximately 10-100 times per day and entering/exiting the truck approximately 2-10 times per day. Drivers are exposed to extreme weather conditions. The hours and physical demand may vary by day. Basic testing of PCs, laptops, printers, monitors, servers, network equipment and any other equipment that needs to be tested.

- Hand-Eye Coordination: You will be operating a complex machine while trying to find addresses, talk to passengers and observing other drivers on the road. You will need great hand-eye coordination to make sure you are accident free.
- Hearing: You will need to hear passenger instruction, talk to dispatchers, and speak with people at the delivery site. Good hearing is a must.
- Stamina: Long days on the road and lifting and moving materials can all be part of your day as a driver.
- Good Vision: You will have to watch everything on the road for potential collisions, accidents and mishaps.
- Map-Reading Skills: Don't get lost. Learn to read a map.
- Punctuality: Drivers are expected to get to their destination on time. Being able to manage your time wisely will help you with that.
- Math Skills: In some driver jobs, you will have to make change, count supplies and use basic math. Proven work experience as a team leader or supervisor
- Other duties as assigned.

- Minimum requirement for any driver job is a valid driver's license in the state in which they work. For smaller vehicles and truck/van drivers, this is enough, and you will receive more training on-the-job.
- Excellent communication skills
- Organizational and time-management skills
- Decision-making skills

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